Doctors Lobby

Welcome to AIM4PG Doctors Lobby Free Membership.

Doctors Lobby is a free online lobby for members where only DM/MD/MS/DNB/RESIDENTS (pursuing 1st 2nd or 3rd year post graduation) can join to form a common platform for case discussion, upcoming webinar, seminar, knowledge sharing, advice giving or seeking and many more excited feature to keep medicos indulge in medical field to bring up innovation.

Why Join Doctors Lobby?

1. Its free membership only for DM/MD/MS/DNB/RESIDENTS (pursuing 1st 2nd or 3rd year post graduation)
2. Its secure platform not like whatsapp, telegram where your number or privacy is not maintained. 
3. Its only doctors environment with verified details doctors, no scammer or non-medicos 
4. You can get notification or indulge in discussion without internet too using sms (mobile message) service in case no internet. 
5. No promotion or ads influence permitted only interactive and knowledge sharing sessions


1. Is it a free membership or can be charged later?
Answer- Yes it as a free membership for life time, no charges for later.
2. Can other medicos like MBBS graduates, post intern, MBBS pursuing students join doctors lobby?
Answer- No only DM/MS/MD/Residents (1st 2nd 3rd year post graduate can join doctors lobby
3. If any medicos join resident within some days or next year, can he/she join?
Answer- Yes, if you are enrolled into residency you can join
4. What if non medicos or other than above medicos join?
Answer- It is not possible as we will verify then you will be added manually be AIM4PG team, so fully secured and doctors environment.

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