Hi Myself Dr. Siddarth

I cleared on my 3rd attempt.

First attempt 109, I joined MIST Chennai couldn’t clear because it’s my hometown, i thought i could study from home.. but in the end i didn’t study, enjoyed my life. – take home message get out of your comfort zone

Second attempt 140, joined mist delhi. Their coaching was way too good. Learnt a lot. Seeing friends study for hours without any problem gave a boost. I studied. My friends (who have already cleared) advised to study just 10 subjects so didn’t study rest of the subjects and moreover I’m an ahole, saw a girl in the institute wasted the last days of study time. Take home message – studying 10 subjects is for students who have already studied all of them not for someone who saw medical books for the first time in his lifetime and career is more important than a girl,

Third attempt 155. This is when i realised reality will fk me if i dont study. Didn’t join any classes had my previous notes from Delhi. Joined Prepladder test series so last minute revision videos were free for me, i used it to learn fsm (i couldn’t understand mist fsm), pharma (basics). The test series gave me the answers to clear the exam( i got 155 remember every marks count). Studied non-clinical subjects very well. Studied anesthesia, pharma for the first time. But i studied. Take home message- study both clinical and non-clinical don’t just learn one paper. Join a test series it helps a lot.
Also thanks to FMGE Group –  which helped in study , notes & guidance …

Dr. Siddarth