1. Ureteric colic – 2 questions
  2. Lead poisoning – basophilic stippling
  3. Hodgkin Lymphoma
  4. Fishy odour in arsenic poisoning
  5. When do you do cord traction in amtsl? Before or after signs of cord detachment?
  6. Genotype of complete hydatidiform mole
  7. Root value of ankle jerk?
  8. Branches of 1st part of maxillary artery
  9. Klippel feil syndrome
  10. OPSI
  11. Methods for evaluation of minimum inhibitory concentration of antibiotic
  12. Median nerve injury
  13. Radial nerve injury
  14. Diseases that are confirmatory signs of HIV infection.
  15. IPC section for punishment of adultery
  16. Colistin sensitivity is seen against which microbes?
  17. Seeds of datura are what shape?
  18. Milwaukee’s shoulder?
  19. Bennet’s and boxer’s #
  20. Max renal threshold
  21. Blood transfusion lot of questions – irradiated blood products/ in thrombocytopenia?
  22. Botulism two questions
  23. Woman complaining of LBA, refusing to take NSAIDs. Application of local oils and volitran provides relief. What is mechanism of pain relief here?
  24. Tumor staging of breast cancer and thyroid and subsequent management.
  25. DDx of right iliac fossa pain
  26. Ascites/ saag
  27. Acute bacterial peritonitis
  28. Varicose veins – Doppler study inference
  29. M mode of USG shows barcode appearance?
  30. Penile #
  31. Lesch nyham syndrome
  32. Confabulation vs derailment of thought vs flight of ideas vs thought insertion
  33. Speedball is the street name of?
  34. Dose of diazepam in alcohol withdrawal
  35. Prevalence of Schizophrenia in child of one parent having it.
  36. APLA / DIC in pregnancy
  37. Kleihauer Betke Test positive in maternal blood with hepatosplenomegaly in child s/o?
  38. What eyelid tumor doesn’t spread thru lymphatics? Scc/ bcc/ melanoma/ sebaceous ca
  39. Call Exner Body?
  40. Anti GQ1B ab seen in?
  41. Glomerular pathology indicated by what in urine?
  42. Non fluorescent stain is ? Giemsa/ auramine rhodamine etc.
  43. Necrosis in post MI heart biopsy?
  44. Which type of rejection can be managed in renal transplant?
  45. Ig expressed in B cell?
  46. Type 3 : type 1 collagen ratio in wound healing?
  47. Autophagy?
  48. Pyrogenic inf. Mediators?
  49. Mendelian type of inheritance seen in?
  50. Chicken wire calcification in bone tumor
  51. Child with b/l conjunctivitis and skin peeling?
  52. Congenital renal disease with separation of cell layers in glomerulus + snhl?
  53. Minimum sperms concentration in semen according to who
  54. Sperm motility is decreased by all except..
  55. Which is not an indication of admission to NICU?
  56. Vntr full form?
  57. Shock – 3 questions
  58. Hypertensive crisis – 2 questions
  59. Cornea most vital layer
  60. Which reduces the incidence of cervical/ ovarian malignancy? Tamoxifen???
  61. Immunosuppressive drugs – MMF 2 questions and one on Tacrolimus MOA
  62. Lateral rotation of arm is impaired in which muscle Paralysis?
  63. Von Gierke disease
  64. Estrogen effect on osteoporosis
  65. Genu valgum mein which ligament is under maximum stress?
  66. Patella stability is most importantly done by which muscle?
  67. Acrodynia is seen in?
  68. Lesion at lower level of pons – features?
  69. aPTT/ PT
  70. Varicose CEAP classification


Dr. Sarthak Mishra
Aim4PG Team