Hello everyone!!!

 I am Dr Bhavana Meda and I have done my MBBS from Narayana medical College, Nellore. I secured AIR of 384 in Neet PG 2021.

Coming to my preparation, my source was Prepladder. I started preparing in my internship and that was around April. Firstly, I started with video lectures, simultaneously solving Q bank and then after completing 3-4 subjects, I started giving grand tests. I completed seeing video lectures by the end of October. Thinking that exam will be in January, I saw rapid revision videos for large subjects like Medicine,Surgery and Paediatrics. When I started my revision in November, exam was postponed. I was not able to read then and took a break and then I started revision but it was very slow as I didn’t have any time limit. My first revision took almost 2 months and after that I tried solving more mcqs along with notes but just 3 days before the exam, it was postponed again and this time I took a break of almost a month. Then I came across Unacademy special classes and I started watching Dr. Zainab vora mam’s classes daily for an hour and slowly I increased my study time ,this time for INICET but again it was postponed. This time I took break for short time and started again and in the INICET July session I got around 2400 rank. I knew that I wouldn’t  get any clinical seat but I was happy with my rank. Then I started preparing for Neet.This time solving Gts from all platforms and solving mcqs daily. Whenever I was not able to study I used to see YouTube short sessions of faculty from different platforms.

Coming to time management during internship, duties in our college were not hectic usually and because of Covid, we had less than usual duties and I completed my internship in April 2021.

My special thanks to my family and friends, who have supported me and believed in me more than I did in myself and I feel lucky to have them.

Things I have learnt in my preparation are -

Stick to one platform whatever it may be

Solve more questions and Gts and don’t take scores seriously, just try not to repeat those mistakes.

Don’t stick hard to schedule we should try our best but should not overburden ourselves.

It’s okay to take a break when we are not able to read.

It’s not possible to completely avoid social media, so we should limit it’s use

It’s more important to revise common things than to study rare things.

Last but not the least, it’s not the number of revisions or hours of study that counts, it’s only how effectively we studied in that time.

 I would like to thank whole Aim4pg team for their efforts like telegram groups and special free classes during lockdown and also for giving me this opportunity to share my journey. And the way how Aim4pg team with its faculties keep maintaining free lectures/notes to medicos which help medical students to achive success as well as dreams.

Thank you!!!!

Dr Bhavana Meda

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