Strategy By Joshi

Hello myself Dr. Joshi Marmik here graduate of southwestern university Philippines. This was my 1st attempt at FMGE December 2020 and i am relieved to say that I cleared it. I scored 200 and to be honest i used to read strategies to make mine so I thought I should make one and here it is.


1)First of all choose your source either it’s prepladder or something else stick to one souce and revise it as much as u can.

2)Do not leave any subject at all, u can give less important to some(in my case it was biochemistry and physiology) but do not leave any.

3)Make a habit to study more than you did yesterday be it 5 min or 10 min just keep adding everyday.

4)Practice as much as mcq as u can and start solving question papers after u are done with first reading of all 19 subjects and keep track of the scores.

5) Make a whats app or telegram messenger group with your friend for fmge preparation and discuss and ask questions there whenever you are not studying,  make one more group for images (i used to message myself on messenger for those important images) but making group can gather more images so yeah make group and only share images in that(this will boost your last day preparation)
One of the best FMGE Group in telegram is FMGEFIREAIDS (click to join)

6) Save or screenshot the thing u think u will forget and things u think are potentially important and can be asked (trust me by the end of everything you can just go through this and get an insight of all subjects)

And read this(images from group and your saved information) one day before exam, it helped me a lot.


My personal take on exam is that it’s becoming hard and hard each year so prepare for worst and get the best.

I started preparing 3rd july 2020 with 2 subjects and was very slow at start as i was still out of india and due to lack of pressure i guess it took me month to finish one subject and then came to india in end of August and started preparing seriously from September 2020 with an average of 11-13hr prepladder video time+mcq and it was smooth going and was able to finish my first reading on October 20

I did Surgery,physiology,biochemistry,microbiology,Radiology from Rapid revision of prepladder but read the complete notes(except biochemistry which i did from rapid revision notes)not the rapid revision one and all rest subjects from main videos and notes.

Started my first revision on October 21and finished it on November 22( took bit long but i guess it was helpful in a way because i gave more time to minor subjects which i knew i won’t be reading on last revision)

Then started 2nd revision from November 23 of selected subjects since exam was near so i took only scoring subjects for it like psm,ob,radio,pedia,pharma,micro,forensic,optha,ent,anes,psych..and watched some snapshot videos and did grand tests and fmge championships from prepladder in between.

And as i said before on last day before exam i went through images i saved and points and screenshots i saved and trust me it helpd a lot to revise all subjects like a magic.

And last but most importantly thanks to all prepladder faculty because without them It’s impossible to crack this examination.

Thank you and i hope it helped.

Good luck and trust me all you need is consistency and you can crack this exam!!

Dr. Joshi Marmik