I am intern now and i started my preparation for exam in final year (june2019).But from my first year i started reading standard textbooks and used to solve mcqs in review books of corresponding subject.
The books used are


2.PHYSIO – CRISP by Dr.Krishnakumar

3.BIOCHEM– Dr.Rebecca

4.MICRO–Dr.apurba sastry

5.PATHO–Dr.Devesh mishra

6.PHARMA–Dr.Gobind rai garg

7.ENT– Dr.Manisha  budhiraja

8.Opthal–dr.Utsav bansal

9.Medicine Dr deepak marwah

10.OBG –Dr.Sakshi arora

These books helped me to build strong concepts and gave me confidence that I  can clear this exam with self study

I had No time to do other subjects as my final year came and  I started my preparation in exam point of view to score well so i started reading prepladder notes alone for all subjects and for OBG and medicine I added few extra points from marrow notes.As i have completed all review books and standard books i was able to easily understand the notes.I bought kamalkv for solving mcqs but didnt complete it.
I finished my first reading three months before exam and started my first revision.It took me 50 days.During this time i regularly gave free prepladder mock exams every month which was exactly same as the actual paper and everytime my score improved as i improved my weaker subjects.

Last One month decides our result During last month I started my second revision I didnt rush to complete I took 23 days to complete and last week before exam i gave grandtest everyday from various institutes and in last prepladder mock i got 216.

Last week I just did oneliners from mist all in one and i had my own list of forgettables which i made during revisions including IPC, MILESTONES, GENE LOCATIONS, ONCOGENES, IV CANNULA COLOURS etc.
FMGE FIREAIDS group was very helpful for solving good quality mcqs.

This was my long journey to success.If you are short of time say less than one year best is to watch videos,understand the concepts and make notes because memorising notes will not help as the exam is more conceptual now adays and never leave any subject as paper pattern is not followed strictly.

Always focus on common highyield topics nomatter how tough the exam is, the question will be from same highyield areas.
HARDWORK AND CONSISTENCY AND REVISIONS  helped me to clear this exam in first attempt with a score of 241.

Zhengzhou university, China