So this was my first attempt for fmge. And i somehow managed to score 187 marks.

I studied from Jiangxi University of TCM, china.

I joined the coaching TEAM MOTIVATION in gautam nagar and followed their notes for all subjects except MEDICINE, SURGERY, ANESTHESIOLOGY, FORENSIC AND PSYCHIATRY.

I left medicine completely.

Surgery, anesthesiology, psychiatry, forensic these i studied from prepladder rapid revision in the end days only.

My strategy was to study what i have been taught daily, i revised almost daily weather i understood or not but still i read it. Then i solved the same topics mcqs( as much i can) from the team motivation tests, prepg app and fmge solutions book. Also i stayed positive everyday and gathered motivation from youtube and my friends.

In the last 2 months i gave all the tests of my coaching and solved the mcqs only after revising.

I made a separate list of things which i found hard to remember in google keep notes by taking screenshots or writing there directly and revise them anywhere in my free time like while sleeping and in the toilet(though nothing came from there in the exam)

And yes first you have to believe in yourself everything else is secondary.

Remove all the negative thoughts from your mind and just be positive and believe in your self and the almighty God.

If you are doing hardwork + some amount of luck you will definitely pass.

Also just stick to one source only don’t try to gather more information from many notes which makes us confuse and everything mingles up.

MCQ practice also plays a big role and after doing mcq analysis of it is more important like where did i went wrong and why i preferred that option over that. And reading the explanation.

Also FMGE FIREAIDS group also helped in remembering things like in the end days i used to post the things which i found difficult  in the group as a poll and tried to make questions by my own. This helped me a lot in remembering things. Also i found some good friends from this group. Discussion is also important. The more you discuss the more you remember i would suggest to make a group of 3-4 people and just discuss things daily with each other. Though i didn’t follow this thing because i realised it in the end.

Dr. Pranav Sardana