Strategy By Urvashi



  1. Anatomy: Dr. Azam sir
  2. Physiology:  Dr. Soumen manna
  3. Biochemistry: Dr. Azam sir
  4. Medicine:  Dr. Marwah sir  and  Dr. Ashish sir
  5. 5.Pharma: Dr. Siraj sir
  6. Pathology: Dr. Devesh mishra sir
  7. Microbiology : Dr. Pretty sharma ma’am
  8. PSM: Dr. Neha tanega ma’am
  9. Ophthalmology :Dr. Vineet sehgal sir
  10. ENT: Dr. Vyshanavi bommakanti ma’am
  11. Surgery: Dr. Pawan khandhari sir
  12. OB-GYNE : Dr. Punit bhojani sir
  13. Forensic: Dr. Vishwajeet Singh  sir
  14. Pedia: Dr. Sanjay Khatri sir
  15. Orthopedics : Dr. Apurv mehra sir
  16. Dermatology: Dr. Chesta Agarwal  ma’am
  17. Psychiatry : Dr. Ankur jain sir
  18. Radiology: Dr. Zainab Vora ma’am
  19.  Anesthesiology: Rapid revision notes of Prepladder

“In life, there’s a lot of things that’s hard. So you must choose your hard wisely.”  Stop thinking about all the unnecessary things that’s bothering you. Stop trying to be perfect.  You are already smart and intelligent in your own way.  All you’ve got to do is discipline yourself into believing in yourself and focusing on what’s important to you EVERYDAY.

In FMGE JUNE 2020, the exam was quite unpredictable and my results were also withheld due to failure of submitting my eligibility certificate; hence I did not wait for the results and started studying for the next upcoming FMGE exam due on Dec. I started my second preparation by analyzing what could’ve went wrong on my first exam and what could’ve went right since I still didn’t have my grades, so all I could do was look into the probability of provide myself with a statistics that could narrow my focus into the topics I’m weak at. Having all the resources and memory of my last intake, I began jotting down all my “could’ve been” mistakes and “sincere” mistakes and started working on it. I even began reading articles at website of those who passed and even watched videos on YouTube so I could uplift myself into giving a little boost of motivation whenever I needed some.  Three days before the FMGE DEC exam I got my June FMGE result which was 142; I had 2 options then sit and cry or stop thinking about it and study. I gave myself few hours break to digest this overwhelming feeling and then shifter my sight onto studying since I realized I had only 3 days of preparation and I had to crack the coming exam anyhow.

My study source was mainly Unacademy lecture notes.  I would study around 8 – 10 hours everyday. I even had to delete my social media account for a while so it wouldn’t distract me from my studying.  I added another method into gaining extra knowledge by solving Daily questions from Telegram group- such as FmgeFireaids ( which is best telegram group for fmge also its free group with useful discussion having mcq, study information. Unacademy daily test of 30- 40 questions. I programed myself into studying the exam based on “human system” wise since I was able to  correlate each subjects well and helped me in understanding the topics better.  I also attended YouTube live case discussion by Dr. Marwah and watched rapid revision videos on unacademy.  My goal was to do rapid revision twice before going for exam.  I finished my 1st revision in 15 days, next 10 days I did my 2nd revision and  5 days before  the exam I studied the topics  which I was weak at. It’s important to study every important topic for the exam, you cannot go for the FMGE exam without preparing those important topics. Frequently asked  questions from such topics are  image based questions, one liner. MIST ALL IN ONE; note that I only started reading 5 days before as an intense review. I didn’t touch any one liner or new topics. I will suggest you to Focus more on building your concepts. It is your hard work, perseverance, learning, studying and sacrifices that will get you to your success.


1.  Do not leave any subject. Especially mini cupcake subjects like Radio, Derma, Psych, Ortho, Anes. These cupcake subjects are going to give you your winnings.

2. Most importantly Stick to your source and follow it.

3.  Make your own notes. Trust me, the images of your notes will flash in front of your eyes while you’re writing exam and when you’re confused between 2 options.

 4. Make sure to finish your reading 1 month before your exam so the last month you could spare to review your notes.

 5. Make a time table and follow it. If you can’t,  Set daily goals to finish certain topic, just small goals like 2 hours of studying. Once you achieve your daily goals, you’ll get hungry to study more, it will give you motivation to set next goal.

 6.  Be consistent in your studying.

 7.  For last month, I would say you have to work hard enough till you know it’s time to study smart.

 8. Focus more on building concepts, image based questions, not on onliner.  

  9. No one will Suggest you to workout but trust me try for 1 5 day only. Give atleast 1 hour for workout, it will help you to concentrate, give energy and confidence.

10. Join FmgeFireaids Telegram Group for study discussion, mcq and keep yourself updated about fmge related information.

11. Lastly, Exam pattern is changing so be ahead of what examiner is going to ask you in exam.  Be prepared to endure the storm.

  In order to become the person you’re meant to be, you have to go through roller-coaster ride so that you can learn and grow. Everything comes to you at the right time.  Be patient. Your time will come but it wouldn’t just come to you. You will have to work towards it.

Dr. Machhi Urvashi Pravinbhai