NEET-PG STRATEGY by Dr. Divyani Patel

Here is the detail interview with strategy-

1) According to you, what would be the best strategy for theAll India exam?Is a complete subject-wise study possible within a period of 8-12months?

yes..acc to me complete subject wise study is possible in dis duration..itsvery sufficient time..

I m from internship starts from 1st april and i started seriously from May..i studied 8 months..

See guys..if u ask about strategy. Its like evryone has different strategy bcoz evryone has diffr strength and different weakness..(eg if apatient comes to us he would not be telling that give me d same medicine as uhave given to d previous one )

Basically i am here togive u direction..

2) Can you please list the books you studied for each subject?

i had solved marrow planB  for mcqs and its more than sufficient..

books list are here-

i had not read any mcqbook..but if any topic is missing u read and add in ur notes..

3) Did you attend any coaching classes? Were they useful?

yes, i attended dams in my pre final and final..

Many were useful..but i read xerox notes for:

ANAT=ashwini sir bhatia

BIOCHEM=smiley mam

PATHO=Devesh mishra


PSM=vivek jain


OBGY=deepti bahl mam dams

Anesthesia= read dams notes but wont suggest

(read whichever u want)

4)When did you start preparing seriously for the entrance test? In your opinion, how much time does a student need to spend a day/week toprepare for NEET-PG?

As i told earier~ from MAY

Honestly i didnt count hours..i utilized max time apart from my internship and sleep..?

Important is CONSISTENCY ..never miss a day without studies..

(but minimum 8 hrs u should study daily)

5) Did you have a time table to organize study time?



(either u follow or not)

**time table u can get from anywhere

NEET-PG Time Table by Aspirants are here-

6) How important is “revision” during preparation and how frequently did you revise?

REVISION is the key to success..

U dont have to read 10books 1 time~u have to read 1 book 10 times

1st reading= approx 4months

   1st revision=45 days

    2nd rev=30-35 days

   3rd rev=25days

   4th rev=10 days

(in between dont forget to give mocks and GT’S..THESE ARE MILESTONES ..will check ur prep ..strengths..weakness..imp topics..helps inconditioning of brain for those 3.5 hrs)

7) Most PG aspirants have this dilemma about self made notes, whether it is a waste of time or whether it will be useful for revision. Did you make self notes during your preparation and how helpful has it been for you?

yes..self made notes are best And r very useful forrevisions..

But if u dont have ,no problem(read whatevr u have and supplement them wid any new mcq or point u find ..just add in ur notes and consise it to notes only..bcoz notes only u hve to revise..)

8)The new pattern of questions contain image based questions like ECG’s, CTscans, USGs, instruments and histology. What is your tip to PG aspirants to tackle these?

for this i used dvt dams and marrow images or screenshotsi made folder and concised them at one place

9) There are several candidates who have spent more than 10 hours a day for preparation, but have failed to secure a good rank. When you look back, there might be possible mistakes in the preparation that you were fortunate to avoid. Please give your take on the possible mistakes aspirants can make during PG entrance preparation.


?Primary mistake is FOMO(fear of missing out) ppl used to collect things from various sources..and end up doing nothing.

Students run for attending classes inspite of doing it…reading new mcq books ..And what not…this leads to lack of revision

?strength weakness analysis one knows this other than self

?lack of mcq practice and grand test (one shuld not fear of this..this is what u actually b doing on ur exam day..

We learn from our mistakes..make more and more mistakes in these gts and learn from them..u will remember more from this..)

?taking silly mistakes lightly.(to avoid this one shld make seperate diary for noting ur mistakes and weak points)

THE WALL TECHNIQUE(acc to dr himanshu gupta sir)

This actually changed my cbt rank 1089 to NEET PG AIR 79..

It is like paste all volatile topics and forgettables on wall..and read them daily for 1 hr..and whenevr u have spare time..

Dont leave any corner of ur wall or room unutilised..

Paste all will really work a lot for was my 1st attempt and i followed it sincerely and it has really  proved.

Plzz do follow this technique??

conclusion= notes notes and only notes

10. How Group AIM4PG - helped you in preparation ?

I joined this group in my final year..i observed people over here and realised that many good ppl do exist..the notes other than dams i mentioned i had got from this group..its d group where u can get everything..its about good friends or moitvators or material or mentors..everything..
I made some good friends here and though i prepared for first time i too need direction from somewhere..and here i got many genuine ideas..


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